Our main fields of activity are selling, installating and renovating epofloors.  For making epofloors we use only quality epoxy reisins by well known manufacturers like Tikkurila, Basf, Teknos and Caparol, thus our floors are especially durable, enduring heavy loads and also easily maintainable and decorative.

Epofloors are monolithic, colourful, durable, practical, exclusive and in accordance with all demands of European Union.  Thanks to these properties epofloors have been widely used in industry,  service  and manufacturing rooms.
Nowadays epofloors find more and more usage in detached houses, garages, offices,  stores,  saunas, balconies, stairs, modern living rooms as well as secondary rooms.

You are in the right place if you’re looking for a company, who would be able to accomplish fitting even the most complicated and with high quality demand epofloors.
Thickness of epoxy coating provides the strength and durability of epofloors. According to the loads it is necessary to choose the right floorcovering.  The age of epofloors depends on the right fitting and materials.  It is importnant to impregnate the basis varnish, which gives epoxy coat the sticking and durability for decades.
Let’s have a little review of different epoxy coatings and prices  (calculated for 100 m²)


Epoxy colours and varnishes:

The thickness of the coating: 0,1-0,2mm. Epoxy colours and varnishes give concrete slab the protective, well maintainable and dustless coating, which befits to the rooms with smaller loads. For example secondary rooms, boilerhouses, pump houses, substations and storehouses with not very heavy loads. Epoxy varnish leaves to concrete slab the strong transparent coat of varnish, which is similar to wet concrete slab. It is possible to tone epoxy colours according to all colour cards. Floors covered by epoxy colours and varnishes can be easily maintained or coated with thicker and stronger coatings. Price:  5 – 10 EUR/m²


Self-levelling  epoxy mass

The thickness of the coating: 0,5-2mm. Self-levelling epoxy mass is absolutely suitable for rooms with heavy loads. The thicker the self-levelling epoxy mass is, the stronger and more durable the floor will be. Usually we make this kind of floors to storehouses, garages, staircases and also to producing and service rooms. According to the loads, we recommend to choose the thickness of coating. To self-levelling epoxy mass, it is possible to scatter colourflakes in different colours, which makes your floor even more decorative. It is also possible to goffer all epoxy masses. Self-levelling epoxy masses are available in all colours according to the colour catalogues. Price per 1mm: 13 – 20EUR/m2


Self-levelling  polyurethane coating

The thickness of the coating: 1,5-2,5mm. Self-levelling  polyurethane coatings befit for the surfaces , which undercoating are for example veneer or asphalt.  After polyethane coating has dried, it looks elastic and conforms with the undercoating. Other properties are similar to self-levelling  epoxy mass. Price per 2mm: 18 – 25 EUR/m²

Epoxy Sand Mortar

The thickness of the coating: 3-4mm. Epoxy sand mortar is used for floors subjected to heavy abrasion, strong chemicals or hot water.  For example in industry, repairment  shops, kitchens etc. We have also fitted anti-friction coatings in garages, terraces, balconies and outside stairs. The durability of coating can be lifted by fitting thicker coating (for example 6mm ). Possible to goffer. The colour depends on chosen sands.  Available in different colours. Price per 4mm: 21-30 EUR/m2

Grainstone floors

The thickness of the coating: 6-18mm (depends on chosen stones/grains). They are very unique, exclusive and idiosyntratic. For the better mainting of the floor, it is possible to fulfill the gaps in floor with the varnish. It is mostly used on represenative floors, such as (car) selling saloons, shops and restaurants. Grainstone floors are also far-spread in bathrooms, saunas, toilets, hallways and on stairs. Large variety of different granite and natural stones.
Price:  30-100EUR/m2 (depens on the size of stones and varnishing)

Antistatic self-levelling epoxy coating

The thickness of the coating is 2mm. Used in industry, where the static electricity must be prevented, for example electromechanical industries, operation rooms etc. It is externally similar to self-levelling epoxy mass but special metal strings are installed under the coating, which is then glued to the floor together with a current conducting thick coating, which contains special metal fibres (for conducting electricity).
Price: 25-35 EUR/m2

Chemical-resistant floor coatings

The thickness of the coating: 6-9mm. Manufactured specially for the floors to the rooms, where the acids, alkalis etc are being used.  These coatings can bear high pressures. Used in food-, metal- and chemical indusrty.
Price: 65-130 EUR/m2

If you have any questions, ask for more information here or send an e-mail: info@epoproff.ee