Decorative epoxy floors

A unique design floor is a part of the identity of any room. Covering it with paint or pattern, tailoring – everything is possible.
In public spaces like in restaurants, cafés, shopping centres and commercial areas, these special effects contribute to displaying the floor in a totally new way.
A design floor also lightens up any classroom, company lobby or conference room.


Floors with pictures

We have developed a flooring system, where customers can design a floor with a picture of their own choice.


Epoxy floor with a stencil pattern

A floor of this type is great for companies that want to display their company logo – so why not do it on a beautiful floor? Or simply create an interesting abstract pattern with the help of stencils.


Epoxy floor with a freehand pattern

A surface covered with a freehand pattern reflects the nature of both the pattern designer and the executor. Large, simple patterns with a shape and size well designed in relation to the floor area deliver most striking results.
With a freehand pattern, it is for instance possible to divide large, open areas into several sections, accentuate certain parts of the room or mark directions on floors in shopping centres or hospitals.
Different shades of colour create smashing contrasts or a more peaceful unity for a change. The width of the line can be adjusted by using special watering cans. This kind of work requires a lot of diligence, but will certainly praise the performer.


Patterns made with solvents

This striking floor pattern, resembling the surface of stones is created with the help of solvents. Solvents are sprayed with spray bottles or garden sprayers – by adjusting the size of drops, it is possible to change the size of the pattern appearing on the floor. A floor with a solvent-made pattern is very pleasing to the eye even if the surface is large and forms a peaceful unity, which decorates both large public spaces and small cafés.



A pattern resembling marbling with oil paint adds some depth and structure to the floor. To get a marble pattern, different surface paints are splashed on the floor and then spread with a glue comb so that paints blend. If paints are mixed with a bold hand, it will create a surface with a more vivid pattern.
If different shades are used in a subtler way, the outcome is a more peaceful floor. The floor on the photo with strong colours and maritime look would for instance be great in a lobby of a spa but with a different combination of colours, it might look great even in a night club.


Oiled concrete floor

Oiled concrete will give the room a pleasantly rustic look. It can be used to accentuate the unique scratches, cracks and pores of the floor and to obtain a deliberately uneven painted surface with ease.
An oiled concrete floor is an excellent choice in exhibition areas or loft-like places.


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